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Federal and Home State Compliance

Do you know the ABCs of compliance? You don't have to because we will sort through the alphabetical soup of regulatory agencies for you. We are 100% accurate at reciting them front to back, and working very hard to recite them back to front as well!

Wine and Regulations - Let us make the Connection

United States Department of the Treasury
Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB)

Basic Permits for Winery, Importer, Wholesaler
Label Approval
Excise Tax
702 (Report of Wine Premises Operations)
Special Occupational Tax
Export documentation


United States Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Employer Identification Number Application
(for Basic Permit process)


United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
Bioterrorism Act

Registration of Food Facilities for Winery, Importer, Wholesaler


State of California
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC)

Licenses for Winery, Importer, Wholesaler  
Licenses for Off-site Tasting Rooms
Winegrower/Blenders Annual Report


State of California
State Board of Equalization (BOE)

Seller's Permit for Winery, Importer, Wholesaler
Excise Tax Registration for Winery, Importer, Wholesaler
Monthly and Quarterly Winegrower Tax Returns


State of California
Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA)

Processors License for Winery, Wholesaler
Annual Grape Crush Reporting


Local Agency Requirements

Fictitious Business Name Filings  
Home Occupation Use Permits (for home offices)


Non-California Based Operations

Customized to individual State requirements



Additional Tools & Services

Notary Services  
Research Projects
A Crossed-Trained Staff




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